.co.uk, .org.uk or .me.uk




When choosing a .UK domain name, there are usually three choices. A .co.uk, .org.uk or a .me.uk domain name.

All three have pro’s or con’s, advantages and disadvantages. Your long term plans for your sites will have a bearing on which extensions you choose to use. Those of you who know a little about me will know i use a fair few .org.uk and .me.uk domains, to me I place a greater emphasis on domains with keywords or phrases, rather than the extension they have, if I was in the re-sale or domaining game a .co.uk would be highly preferable!

So lets take a quick look at the pros and cons of each extension.


The premium UK domain extension. Open to all types of registrants, and the most common ‘type-in’ UK domain name.


The highest resale values, no restrictions on trading.


Lack of available names, many good, and a huge percentage of generic names are already registered, so unless you’ve got a decent budget to purchase from a reseller you may have to look elsewhere.


If the name you want is available in .co.uk format, its a simple choice.


Some minor resale value but with a much lower potential than a .co.uk based on the value of the name alone. Many buyers will be wary of purchasing a .org.uk.


Availability, there are a huge number of good generic names still available, and .org.uk’s are often trusted by web users due to their promiment use by many charities.


There are potentially some restrictions on registration and use of .org.uk names, but at the current time these are not implemented.


A clear second choice behind a .co.uk and plenty are still available to register although many domainers are catching on to their availability and many good ones are registered.


The .me.uk domain names are intended solely for personal use, but are in reality used by many businesses and there are a huge number of domains available to register including some very good generic names.




.me.uk domain names can only be registered by individuals, and as such many companies, cannot register them unless they are registered in the name of an individual. This means the chances of resale are relatively low.


The third choice for .uk domain names, but still ideal for many sites, particularly those generating pay per click or affiliate income, or as lead generation sites.

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