Domain Parking Reviews




Our quick parking services reviews and domain parking comparison will help you choose the best domain parking service for your domain portfolio, our reviews feature two of the best parking services available:

Namedrive Review

Namedrive domain parking services are a relative newcomer to the industry but launched with some considerable applause and managed to quickly establish a strong marketshare within the UK market. Namedrive are parking specialist and whilst they do offer some minor secondary services, first and foremost they stick to what they are good at, and thats monetising (monetizing) your domains. Their website is simple and easy to use, and their customer support is second to none in the industry, eager to help and please the customer at all times.

SEDO Review

SEDO offer a range of services ranging from domain parking, through to offering dedicated servers for hosting powerful websites, they also have arguably the largest marketplace for the reselling of domain names. The probably have the largest marketshare with the UK for domain name parking, although this is a close call alongside Namedrive. Their website is perhaps a little more refined compared to Namedrive, but also a great deal more complicated with all their secondary services also being promoted, it can get quite confusing. They also manually approve all domain names for inclusion within their service, and this can cause a frustrating wait at times, causing you an unneccassary loss in income.

Domain Parking Tips

In order to maximise your parking revenue, it is important to experiment and try different types of domain names with different parking providers, as suprisingly the revenue can vary considerably.

Take time to familiarise yourself with each companies methods of allowing you to optimise your parking pages, with careful optimisation for each domain name, revenue can increase sharply. (Namedrive in particular will often help you to optimise your portfolio if you ask!)

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