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I thought i’d share some tips with you on how i find some of my domain names and indeed niches suitable for Mini Sites.

Firstly i use a combination of tools, my own Bulk Overture Keyword Tool, Google’s Traffic Estimator (Great for traffic and income guesstimates!), Google Trends (For higher traffic subjects), a whois tool and SEO Quake (a plugin for Firefox and Internet Explorer).

Lets take a little more detailed look at each of these tools in question, and how i use them to find a domain name:

Overture Keyword Tool

This tool is great for generating list of keywords, i usually start with a fairly generic word, so in this example i’ll look at the keyword doors or door (Note: Overture does not handle plurals) and we get back a list of results as follows:

door 85177
automatic garage door 27180
garage door 22766
door including lock product security shutter 10441
the door 9919
girl next door 8858
patio door 8344
french door 8207
kitchen door 8124
door handles 6915
dog door 6018
internal door 5727
window and door 5464
upvc door 5372
3 door down 5090
exterior door 4798
shower door 4504
pet door 4356
next door nikki 4202
front door 4149
interior door 3780
sliding door 3472
next door man 3357
door knob 2630
sliding wardrobe door 2619
garage door opener 2584
fire door 2539
door lock 2481
door furniture 2364
replacement kitchen door 1991
back door 1910
electric garage door 1779
external door 1754
door chime 1720
door mat 1639
chrome door handles 1634
wardrobe door 1615
door security 1588
folding door 1520
door bells 1509
door hinge 1445
wooden door 1443
door canopy 1425
oak door 1355
milf next door 1302
next door 1299
roller garage door 1247
open door 1095
dat door 1046
bifold door 1045
door hardware 1030
stable door 1024

Essentially this list provides me with ideas of keywords and keyphrases that involve my search term ‘doors’ , the figures provide an estimate of search volume for each term. Its important to realise that Overture data is unreliable to say the least, with figures often being wholly unreliable and phrases being scrambled.

Google Traffic Estimator

Next up after selecting a few keywords or phrases from our list we then delve a little deeper, for this example i’ll pick the following phrases that at first glance at overture data look appealing:

  • garage door
  • automatic garage door
  • patio door
  • door handles

Although usually if i’m solely looking for a site to form the basis of a Mini Site i’d look a little closer at more of the phrases.

The next step is to work out alternative phrases from the search terms like:

  • Garage Door / Garage Doors
  • Automatic Garage Door / Automatic Garage Doors
  • Patio Door / Patio Doors
  • Door Handles / Door Handles

Next lets plug some data into the tool, a hint here is to set a imaginary high budget for both PPC and daily budget, i also always tailor my results to the UK, and i get a set of results back like this:

Google Traffic Estimator results for door search terms

This tool offers us a much better estimate of potential traffic, so straight away we can take an educated guess that the Overture traffic estimate for ‘Automatic Garage Doors’ was an anomaly, Google telling us that the combined terms only receive 5 – 6 clicks a day at the top of the paid search results. Its also offers you an idea of how profitable a niche may be, by providing a rough guideline to potential advertisers PPC spend.

Some of the other results are a little more interesting, so on to the next step and i’ll narrow our keywords down to only two sets, Door Handles (& Door Handle) and Garage Door (& Garage Doors)

Google Trends

A Google Trends search for these terms shows steady and stable traffic flows, to get the most from Google Trends its handy if you know the volume of traffic for a well searched top ranking site to compare the traffic volumes.

Google Trends results for door handles and garage doors

So Google trends in this case has confirmed that there is indeed a nice flow of traffic for both these sets of search terms.

Now we need to see if there are any suitable domain names available.

Whois Search

So its a case of plugging in a few domain combinations into the appropriate tool, personally i’m only interested in, or domain names, but by using 123reg’s tool they will show a number of alternative domain extensions that may take your fancy.

As you might expect from the search volumes, Garage Door is a pretty popular term, all derivatives without hyphens are taken in all .uk extensions, door handles however offer a few possibilities and could be used as a fantastic base for a Mini Site.

We find, and all to be free and available to register.

Before diving in head first and registering one of the domains, i’d always take a quick look at the search engine results for each phrase, with SEO Quake enabled, this allows me to take a quick snapshot look at the possible competition.

SEO Quake

SEO Quake allows me to quickly assess the possible strength of any set of search results, I can instantly see figures such as number of pages indexed, number of links and age of domain aswell as a number of other figures all at the touch of my search key.

In this example, Door Handles (& Door Handle) we find a number of fairly well established sites, however there is definite scope to hit the the top ten with relative ease, and of course there is the potential for long tail traffic too!

I’ve taken but the other two are still at the time of writing available, so feel free to join me in the SERPS.

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