The Long Tail – Chris Anderson




I recently purchased ‘The Long Tail‘ by Chris Anderson for some light holiday reading.

It was an interesting read and I would recommend the book to anyone interested in internet marketing, SEO and ecommerce, or indeed anyone with an offline bricks and mortar shop or store.

The book examines the theory that the future of selling online is to sell less of more and explains how endless choice is creating unlimited demand. In the past many markets have perhaps been vastly overlooked due to being so niche stocking the product in a physical shop was largely unprofitable but with the advent of Amazon (think niche books, CD’s, DVD’s etc) and Ebay who have perhaps found the ideal platform to explore almost every niche and long tail product or search term that could possibly exist.

From an internet marketing or SEO point of view, whilst not directly discussing it in the book. It certainly opens your eyes to the possibility of unlimited search phrases and referrals. Perhaps to go further down the long tail line user generated content and interaction is required, essential and a neccessity.

If my little synopsis has whet your appetite, you can purchase the book online from Waterstones for just £6.29.

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